Rose the Happy Medium

Spiritual Healing

Healing takes many forms, from Reiki and spiritual healing to reflexology and acupuncture. From occupational therapies to alternative or complimentary therapies, from holistic practitioners and herbalists to hospital doctors and GPs, all are healers.

And to some extent the patient is always relying on faith, his or her own, that it will work.

Whilst the medical world still finds it difficult to accept, many of the complimentary therapies are being tested and proven in hospitals. Whatever the type of healing I am speaking of here, it is that which is practiced without the aid of pills or medicines. That which is called faith healing or spiritual healing.

Reiki seems to use the same type of energy transfer method of healing. This seems to involve the healer being used more or less as a conduit for the transfer of energy from himself or herself to the patient.

Although no good healer would tell anyone not to see a doctor, most people can be helped with this method as a back up or when doctors have run out of options.

I have recently added facial and hand massages to my healing methods with some very good results. The massage helps the client to relax and makes it much easier for the healing energy to be received. the added bonus is that it is very good for the skin and the joints in the hands.

So far I have had only positive outcome from this added extra. A good healing session requires a calm and positive attitude for the proper flow of energy from healer to client. These massages seem to aid in attaining a calm and relaxed mood in which to conduct such a session. Many clients dose off during this kind of healing and awake feeling as though they have had a long sleep. This seems to help the body's own healing processes in their function.

The removal of tension in itself can help to begin the healing process for many people and regular relaxation can help to keep it going. I always try to give the client something to do for themselves at home to continue the healing effect and obtain the most from it. This homework often takes the form of a simple meditation that can be very effective if followed consistently.

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