Rose the Happy Medium

Psychic Readings in Bournemouth and Dorset.

Many people are curious about what happens during a reading, Rose summarises what takes place:

I first make sure that we are comfortable, then do a few minutes of gentle breathing exercises. The lights are dimmed and usually candles are lit as these attract the spirits. If the link is cold I will some times use cards or crystals to aid the focus of the mind in making a link with who ever may wish to speak to the client.
This is a straightforward mediumistic reading. If the client requires specific advice or answers to certain questions I will often use the tarot cards, especially when the subject is particularly material in nature; ie, money or business advice.

The most successful readings are usually a combination of mediumship and psychometry, and I can some times get almost instant sensations from holding an item of jewellery for instance. These readings take around an hour for an in depth or first reading, half an hour for a quick question and answer session.

I will do group sessions but 6 is the limit. This would require a whole evening, but be aware that things that you may not want others to know can sometimes come out. Although I will usually advice the client of the need for a private reading if I sense that information is not for public consumption.

I will always try to make a link, but on the rare occasions when none can be made I will tell the client the truth and not charge them, but will rebook if they wish. People wanting help with a difficult situation or those with an open mind trying to make contact with a recently deceased relative or friend generally use the "don't know until you try" method.


Rose, The Happy Medium is available for Psychic readings in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, Dorset and postal/email readings in the UK. She offers discounts for small groups and block bookings. Reading are available in several forms and options for your convenience:

  • One - to - one readings, one hour mixed media - £30
  • Reading for two people together, 60- 90 minute mixed media reading - £36
  • Group readings evenings for up to 6 people usually around 3 hours - £75
Please email including a phone number for an appointment.

Not in Dorset or close enough for a one-to-one personal reading? No problem...
If you would like a psychic reading by email, please follow this link.