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Psychic Mediums

Much as there are those who are musical, there are those among us with their senses tuned to the deeper resonances of the human psyche.

In the cold light of science, Mediumship is not easily explained. Not many of us could write a symphony, but we can all appreciate it. It is something audible, tenable.

A Medium is a musician of the soul, reading and interpreting the information that most of us can't appreciate. We all had that gift at one time, indeed it is present in us all, but at a subconscious level. How many of us have experienced "love at first sight"? Have you met someone you instantly dis-liked? We all have hunches, suspicions and beliefs, why? Think about it.

Mediumship is probably the most misunderstood of the esoteric arts. It is not so concerned with "yourself" as many of the other practices may be at times.

Rather, it is about contacting or connecting with spirit, in ethereal form or physical, and by that connection proving the continuance of life after physical death, and finding your lesson in this life. 

If you wish to use spirit for selfish gain it will not work, however if you wish to have spirit help and guide you, or soothe in bereavement it can be most helpful to you.

It must also be noted that what a medium tells you may well mean nothing to the medium at all, so you need to let the medium know you have understood who "Doris" is, or what is meant by the " the key in the back of the cupboard under the stairs".

Good luck with your connections............

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