Rose the Happy Medium

Psychic Readings by Email

When you order an online psychic email reading, it will be a full and individual reading for you personally, using what ever mixture of media feels right at the time of the reading. This does allow you to ask a specific question or concentrate on a particular area if that is what you wish to do. I will then post or e-mail you the results.

To enable me to do the reading I will need your name and date of birth as a minimum (and as much other relevant information you may wish to provide), so as to make a point of concentration with you. I can then focus on who you are and what you need. I may lay the tarot cards to help me and work on your numerology influences and work out which ones should be good for you, ask for the help of the spirit guides to complete the reading and give me the information and possible answers you need.

If I get a contact for you that is more personal I will ask if you want it given in the e-mail (or post), or if you would like a more intimate, one to one reading for more depth of information in that area.

Email is often a method people use for their first reading both because it is inexpensive and because it is maybe a little less intense than a traditional reading allowing you to have a gentle introduction to clairvoyance, as a lot of people, whilst very interested are a little scared of the idea. If you would like to know more and find out where to send your readings requests, please, e-mail me here.

Payment is by PayPal, card, cheque or postal order and this allows me to keep the cost of this service at a very low £18 for the whole of 2022. The process takes a little time, I work in the order in which the requests come in and the payments clear; postal orders clear much faster than cheques.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.